It seems everywhere you go, you see a pair of clogs on someone’s feet. Some people called them clogs; some people call them crocs or holey shoes. It does not matter what t a person calls them, one thing is for sure, and they are the in shoe right now.

Most of the nursing staff where I work own at least one pair of clogs, and I have noticed that everyone who has bought a pair soon realizes the comfort and they go out and buy more pairs. I myself am the proud owner of four pair of these clogs. I wear them everywhere.

I have white, pink, light blue and purple clogs. I am looking to purchase green, orange, red and a black pair. My favorite place to get them is eBay, where I pay less then I would if I went to a department store such as Wal-Mart.

Comfort is the number one feature of these clogs. These clogs are flexible, and have grooves and nubs in the bottom, which rather massage your feet as you walk. Which is a huge plus if you are on your feet for long periods.

The clogs will also mold to your feet easily so it is important that these be not shared by anyone.

In addition, the soft flexible rubber sole of the clog is like lots of extra cushioning which helps to eliminate the problems such as hurting feet and aching legs, which are associated with long hours on your feet.

Air Holes in these clogs. Hot smelly feet are outdated with these clog’s air holes. The little air holes, which run across the top front of the shoe, provide plenty of fresh air. It also feels nice to have a cool breeze on your feet. These air holes have an added feature; you can put charms in them.

Rubber construction of these clogs helps in many ways.

I wear these clogs to work and when I give a shower to a patient; I can slip of my socks and still be in shoes, which provide a non-slip sole for safety. I slip of my socks because no one wants to walk around in wet socks all night.

The rubber construction provides more cushion then the average shoe, which is excellent when walking on concrete floors for any length of time. These clogs will help alleviate heel spurs, leg, and back discomfort from walking for any length of time.

Easy to clean clogs

They are easy to wash Soap and water is all that is needed. However you can stick some types of these clogs into the autoclave and sterilize them if need be.

My clogs are rinsed at three days a week when I give a patient a shower. The clogs will also last longer then sneakers with repeated soakings.

Stylish clogs

These clogs are not only comfortable they are stylish. They come in a rainbow of colors to suit everyone. There are so many colors that there is a perfect color to match every outfit.

You can decorate these clogs with little gems as well as charms. These charms come in many cute designs such as animals, food, medical items, and Disney characters.