The Most Memorable Birthday Party We Threw for One of Our Kids

We have always had our kid’s birthday parties at our home. We have a large fenced in back yard so there is really no sense in having parties for our kids any where else. That being said I have always had to be really creative because our parties had to compete with my kid’s friends and cousins who had parties at places like Chuck E Cheese.

I always let my kids pick out their own cake, weather it be store bought or home made, then I would create a theme around the theme of the cake. For instance one year my daughter wanted a homemade cake with balloons on it. So the party had games using balloons, and of course the goodie bags contained balloons.

Pirate Party

One year my son chose a Pirates of the Caribbean cake so obviously the theme would be Pirates. Luckily for me Oriental Trading had several pirate items available on their web site. I just checked and they are all still there. I purchased Pirate Bandanas (12 for $9.99), pirate eye patches (12 for $4.99) and pirate hook hands (12 for $4.97) the hook hands came apart really easily though so I would not recommend them. I also purchase a treasure chest box, for $3.99. I filled the box up with various little toys and candies.

I hid the box in my house and created a treasure hunt for the kids with 12 different clues.

Each clue was found individually with the clue before it leading them to the location of the next clue. The last clue would lead them to the hiding place of the treasure chest.

Of course the kids all needed to put on their pirate garb and become pirates before they started to search for the treasure.

There was not a competition for finding the treasure chest, they all had to work as a group to decipher the clues and get to the next clue. The kids all worked really well together and it was funny watching the light bulbs go on in their heads every time they would figure one out.

The clues ranged from easy such as, “A location where food is served.” The clue was taped underneath the kitchen table. Another clue was personal to my son. “What does Ted (not his real named) do when ever he gets the chance?” A clue was taped to my son’s X-Box. I even gave a clue to one of the adults at the party and the kids had to guess which adult it was who had the clue based on clues about that person.

The treasure hunt had them going both inside and out of the house, and on the main level of my house and in the basement. It took the kids about ½ hour to get all the clues and find the treasure chest.

There was one of each toy and candy for each kid. They all got a goodie bag full of toys and candy.

Just as they filled up their goodie bags, I told the to go out in the back yard with their goodie bags. Just as they all got outside my husband ran out dressed as a pirate (he just wore a bandana and eye patch). He told the kids he was going to steel their treasure. They all ran around giggling as he chased them, of course not allowing himself to catch any of them.

Macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and pizza were all served for lunch.

Following the treasure hunt we had the Pirates of the Carribean cake, served on Pirates of the Carribean Cake Plates, with Pirates of the Carribean napkins.

All the kids had a wonderful time and I heard some of them planning treasure hunts of their own.

Several of the kids told me as they were leaving that it was the best party ever. Now that is high praise. Beat that Chuckie.

Top 3 Child Birthday Venues in Kansas City

When I was presented as a first time mom with the task of throwing my oldest son’s 3rd birthday party, I was quite disappointed in the information available for birthday party ideas and locations. The list below is the top three most affordable birthday party venues/activities in the Kansas City Northland.

Gladstone Bowl located at 300 NW 72nd Street in Gladstone, MO offers a great affordable children’s birthday party package. For $35/lane you get 5 guest per lane including shoe rental and the Galactic Bowling experience for two hours. I’ve purchased this package two years in a row for my son’s forth and fifth birthday parties. We rented two lanes and spent a total of $70. I made my son’s birthday cake, and took it to the bowling alley for the celebration. It was perfect, the two hours is just enough time to let the children bowl, eat cake, and open presents. And for less than $100 dollars we had 10 of his friends join us for all the fun!

Air Zone located at 7807 North Oak Tfwy in Kansas City, MO offers an awesome birthday event under $150. This price includes 15 guests, party supplies, party “helpers”, and 1 1/2 hours of birthday party celebration. We did this party for my son’s third birthday. What a blast! We invited all his friends, family, and church family to enjoy in the celebration. The bounce/play areas are super fun, and offer a wide variety of slides, climbing walls, and bouncy fun for every age group. The first room houses a large bounce house obstacle course with a large double slide at the end. The second room, which houses the main lobby and snack area, houses an even larger bounce house including slides, climbing walls, and a gladiator type fight “house” for all your aggression needs. Although the price is more, you also receive more with the package.

Perhaps you are looking for a more at “home” venue. So why not make your home your birthday venue! Air Jump Moonwalk Rental KC offers a huge variety of rental bounce houses, moonwalks, and kid’s entertainers for your child’s perfect birthday party. For my son’s 2nd birthday party, we rented a large castle bounce house. We rented the bounce house for a holiday, it was delivered and set up, then taken down and picked up the next day for less than $100. A great value for an at home birthday party, and we had the bounce house from noon on a Sat. until they picked it up the next day by noon.

The most important item to remember is find a birthday venue/activity that your entire family can enjoy.

Serving a Better-For-Baby Birthday Cake for Your Child’s First Party

If you are planning a first birthday party for your child, you may want to engage in the somewhat new tradition of letting your baby stuff his or her face with cake for the very first time. It’s fun for guests, not to mention the birthday boy or girl, to watch your little one taste the sweet treat for the first time and enjoy smashing the icing and cake into his hands, ears, table, and even toes. Unfortunately, if your baby has not really eaten much sugar before her first birthday, too much sugar or fat could cause an upset stomach. This would leave you with one unhappy birthday girl. Here are some tips and reasons to reduce the sugar in your baby’s first birthday cake.

First of all, it’s important that you make your child’s first birthday cake from scratch. You can get a store bought cake or use a cake mix for the cake the other guests eat, but make your baby’s cake yourself. This way you can control the ingredients. Store bought cakes and cake mixes contain trans fat which isn’t healthy for anyone, and certainly not your baby. You can reduce the size of the recipe considerably and make just one small cake, or use a cookie cutter to cut out a small piece of cake for your baby, then use the scraps for a punch bowl cake or other dessert.

When making the cake, cut the sugar in half. While this may cause the texture of the finished cake to be less than perfect, your baby will never know the difference. When making the icing for the cake, either use a full butter based icing or a specially purchased vegetable shortening that does not contain partially hydrogenated oils. You can find solid palm kernel oil, which is considerably better for you than traditional vegetable shortenings, in the health food section of major grocery stores or a health food store. Partially hydrogenated oils are very unhealthy and shouldn’t be fed to your child if at all possible. If you choose to do a full butter icing, remember that your cake will need to be refrigerated.

Finally, when assembling the cake, keep the cake small and only use a thin layer of icing. Icing is loaded with sugar and fat that your child does not need a lot of. Also, avoid using a lot of dark dyes in the icing colors. Stick to white, pastels, or just a touch of color. Some babies’ sensitive stomachs do not react well to dyes which can cause diarrhea.

If you want to serve your baby her very own cake for her first birthday party, go right ahead! Just be smart about how you prepare your cake and your baby will get the treat of her life without too much sugar or needless trans fat.