11 Beauty Use For Olive Oil


If you’ve never used olive oil as part of your beauty regimen, you’re in for a real treat. It is rich in squalane, a natural emollient that is great for your nails, lips, hair, and skin. In addition, it is packed with Vitamins A & E and polyphenols that make it popular in many prepackaged beauty products. While this oil packs a nutritional punch, you can also use it on your face. The same qualities and benefits you experience on the inside can benefit your skin. This little fruit’s versatility lends itself well to more than one use, so buy a small bottle and put it in your bathroom right next to your toothpaste and deodorant.


After sun exposure, rub olive oil over the sunburned areas for relief of the burning and to keep your skin moisturized. It also helps prevent peeling!


Bug Bites
Rub olive oil over the bites to stop the itching and aid the healing process.


Makeup Remover
Olive oil grabs onto other oil-based products so it’s a great way to remove stubborn eye makeup. Remove makeup gently with a combination of olive oil, witch hazel and tea tree oil.


Acne Scar Treatment
Olive oil is rich in essential vitamins, which makes the healing process for acne scars faster. Since it doesn’t clog skin pores, it’s ideal for acne-prone skin.


Strengthen Nails
A warm olive oil bath for nails is an excellent way to strengthen them. It takes only 5 or 10 minutes. Just soak your nails in slightly warmed up olive oil (it shouldn’t be too hot, just a room temperature). Do this treatment once or twice a week and enjoy strong, shiny and healthy nails!


Dry Skin Cleanser
The nutrients in olive oil will hydrate skin, which is just what your dry skin needs! Try this facial cleanser recipe that’s ideal for mature skin.


Thinning Hair
If your hair keeps getting thinner and thinner, it’s time to give it a boost. Combine olive oil with coconut milk.


Beachy Waves
Want your hair to have those “just got back from the beach” waves? Fill a spray bottle with warm water, add 1 teaspoon of sea salt and 1 teaspoon olive oil. Shake until mixed and spray on hair, then scrunch your hair to create the waves.


Beard Oil
Olive oil works so well on your hair and skin, which makes it the perfect beard oil for guys. Pair with essential oil for a pleasant scent and gift away.


Olive Oil Bath
Do you know beauty secret of Sophia Loren, the Italian gorgeous actress – she loved taking olive oil bath. Try it. Your skin will thank you.


Olive Oil Eye Cream
To reduce wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes, gently dab a little bit of extra virgin olive oil under your eyes before you sleep at night and let it sit there overnight.  It will nourish the tender skin around your eyes and soften the fine lines. Keep some olive oil in your fridge and use it as a refreshing, vitamin chock full beauty treatment eye cream.





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