22 Health Benefits Of Lime Essential Oil




Botanical Name: Citrus aurantifolia
Origin: Italy/Mexico
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Plant Part: Peel
Color: Clear
Aroma: Sweet, tropical, citrusy, rounded, and true to Lime aroma
Blends Well With: Bergamot, and other citrus; Geranium, and other florals



Dilute to 0.7% when using topically. Using more than the recommended dilution can cause adverse reactions such as phototoxicity and sensitization.



Like lemons, limes and lime essential oil are full of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. Lime can enhance the body’s natural healing capacity and improve overall vitality with its tropical and citrusy aroma. In one study, Lime peel was shown to increase the antioxidant strength in rabbits, which can prevent atherogenesis. It supports and cools the immune system, while promoting a healthy inflammatory response and reinforcing the circulatory system and smoothing of adipose tissues. It can be especially useful in helping with bronchitis or congestion.

  • Anti-septic – It reduces the risk of septic in wounds by preventing bacterial and other infections
  • Anti-viral – It is effective against some virus species, like herpes simplex virus type
  • Astringent – It is one of the most powerful natural astringents. It shrinks the skin and makes the skin taut
  • Anti-depressant – Helps to get over the feelings of sadness or loss and fills them with new hope
  • Aperitif – Increases hunger and appetite
  • Bactericidal – Kills bacteria
  • Disinfectant – Destroys bacteria
  • Haemostatic – An agent that can stop bleeding
  • Restorative – Serves as a restorative by restoring health and strength to organ systems throughout the body
  • Tonic – Stimulates, energizes, and strengthens the body



Mix 2-3 drops of oil in 1 ounce of water. Mix well, then place on cotton ball. Gently apply to affected area. Can also be used as a toner for oily skin.

Adhesive Remover
Add a few drops to sticky residue, let it sit for 5 minutes and rub away. Also consider using Lemon essential oil.

Air Purifier
Diffuse aromatically to cleanse the air.

Add 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil and massage on affected area.

Add a few drops to coconut oil and massage to the area of concern. Also consider using grapefruit essential oil.

Chest Congestion
Add 2- 3 drops in a steam inhalation. Also try adding it to a carrier oil and massage on the chest and neck.

Add a drop or two to homemade hummus, salsa, or even stir a bit in your rice for some flavor. (Only use internally if using very high quality oils I would not recommend taking oils internally that were purchased from a whole foods store)

Support the emotional and spiritual aspects of a person by diffusing lime, or using it topically or internally on a daily basis.

Add 2-3 drops in a cold compress.

Inhale from the bottle or diffuse for it’s mood enhancing effects.

Fruit Preserver
Add a few drops to cut fruit to keep it from browning as quickly.

Grease Fighter
Lime is superb at removing gum or grease or sticker residue from surfaces. Add it to your cleaning products or apply directly. Works well on skin too.

Hair Health
Add 2 drops of Lime essential oil along with your shampoo or conditioner. This aromatic bath assists in cleansing the hair, removing excessive oil, reducing dandruff and making the hair manageable.

Household Disinfectant
Add 5-6 drops in a quart-sized spray bottle of distilled water. Shake well before using. Refresh weekly.

Mental Fatigue
Add 5-6 drops Lime to your aroma diffuser and diffuse for 30-60 minutes.

Mood Enhancer
Diffuse aromatically to uplift mood.

Nail Growth
Add 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of almond oil and massage into cuticles.

Sore Throat
Add 2- 3 drops in a steam inhalation. Also try adding it to a carrier oil and massage on the chest and neck.

Stop Bleeding
Lime essential oil contracts blood vessels and promotes coagulation. This also helps reduce your risk of hemorrhages.

Varicose Veins
Apply one drop of lime essential oil with 2 drops of coconut oil over varicose veins to ease discomfort and diminish their appearance.

Place 1 drop of Lime essential oil on the wart, re-applying 2-3 times daily for the first three days. After three days, make a mixture of 1 drop Lime and 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil, applying 2-3 times daily until the wart is gone. For best results, cover with a bandage after applying the mixture.

Add 2 drops in a cold compress and pressing it on the affected areas.

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