Rosehip Oil – My Secret To Anti-Aging


Out with all of the commercial anti aging, anti wrinkle products available that sorry to break it to you are filled with chemicals and instead of actually removing wrinkles from your face they only leave a fat whole in your wallet. Rosehip is  my top skincare oil and is apart of my ingredient list for my anti-aging serum I make myself.

Rose Hip Oil is derived from the seeds of a certain type of rose, Rosa Rubiginosa   A cold-press extraction method separates the oil from the hips and seeds. The delicate oil needs refrigerated or stored in a cool, dark location to prevent rancidity.



What Makes Rosehip Oil Special
Rosehip oil is filled with antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, linolenic and linolenic acids which diminishes scars such as acne and age spots. It can be used on the skin, hair and nails. Unlike shea or cocoa butter rosehip oil absorbs into the skin much quicker and is less messy. By adding rosehip oil to your regular skin care routine you can expect to see the following benefits and results:

Moisture Retention
Rosehip oil is highly beneficial for aging mature skin. It can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Another reason to use rosehip oils is since it’s so lightweight and absorbs into the skin so quickly it doesn’t feel oily and it doesn’t clog pores.

Pigment Reduction
The vitamin C that is in rosehip oil drastically reduces the appearance of dark spots, aging spots, and of course hyper-pigmentation. Simply apply it directly to your skin or add in to your normal moisturizer.

Rosehip oil is a great oil if you suffer from eczema or dry skin. This oil will calm and moisturize the skin if used regularly. 

Healthier Nails
Not many oils promote healthy nails but y applying a drop of rosehip oil to the cuticles and and nails you can prevent and treat hangnails and nail breakage.


I purchase my rosehip oil online from saffire blue. They offer different sizes and they are based in London, Ontario.


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    Have a great weekend Simera.

    • I usually buy my oils online I find it to be more affordable that way.

  • rachna sharma

    i have heard so much about rose hip oil but being oily i have some apprehensions using this one because most of the oil breaks me out!

    • This is a very light oil that works well with oily skin. It doesn’t clog pores if you 100%
      rosehip oil

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