My Favorite Natural Moisturizer – Unrefined Shea Butter


I have been using Shea Butter for many years now and it has been the only product that really helps with my dry flaky skin. I love that it’s natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals whatsoever. Although you can use this butter on it’s own I love using it to make my homemade body butters, deep conditioning hair masks, all natural vapor rubs, lip balms and my migraine eraser balms.


What Is Shea Butter
Shea Butter comes from the Karite Nut Tree which is mostly found in Africa. It is filled with Vitamin A, E and F. The Karite Nut Tree can live up to 300 years.


What Is The Difference Between Unrefined and Refined Shea Butter
Refined Shea butter is chemically processed, and uses the hexane toxin to further process the Shea butter. Refined Shea Butter is a white color and is odorless or has been scented artificially. Most moisturizers at the drugstore that claim their products have Shea Butter in them is not true Shea Butter.


If you do plan to use refined Shea butter don’t expect the same benefits of using Unrefined Shea butter. Refined Shea butter loses almost all it’s moisturizing properties and healing properties. Unrefined Shea Butter is made without the use of toxins, synthetics and chemicals, it is literally a raw butter.
Another thing to keep in mind is there are many companies who claim that their Shea Butter is Unrefined but it is not. The color of unrefined Shea butter ranges from and Ivory to a grayish yellow color. It also doesn’t have the typical Shea butter scent that is promoted through commercial stores. The best way I can explain the scent is it has a nutty scent that even though it does not bother me it can bother some people.


Different Uses And Benefits Of Shea Butter
  • Great for the hair
  • Perfect for making body butters
  • Does not clog pores
  • It is used by many people for cooking
  • Used for stretch marks
  • Itchy skin from Eczema and Dermatitis
  • Rough skin on the feet
  • Insect bites
  • Muscle aches
  • Wrinkles
  • Diaper rash
  • Chapped skin
  • Can be added into your regular creams and lotions for added moisture
  • Soap making

What Is Fair Trade
It takes about 20-30 hours to produce 1 kilogram of Shea butter and buying Shea butter from a company that supports fair trade means the women making this amazing butter are  given a fair wage or a fair price. 
When purchasing Unrefined Shea Butter it’s always a good idea to research the company that is selling it, because there are many companies that claim the Shea butter they are selling is unrefined when it is not.
If you are interested in trying Unrefined Shea Butter I would highly recommend New Directions Aromatics which is where I purchase my Shea butter in bulk. They have a warehouse in Toronto, Australia and the US.
Beauty Benefits Of Unrefined Shea Butter


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  • I have never tried any shea butter product,forget about making any on my own.. I would love to try it though..Thanks for sharing all the info :*

    • It’s very simple I have a few recipes on my website for body butters.

  • Coco La vie en rose

    Wow darling! It looks so delicious!! Thanks for the great tips!
    Coco et La vie en rose – Valeria Arizzi

  • Shea Butter is such an amazing ingredient! great article sweety

  • Jackie Harrison

    Great suggestion now I need to get myself Shea Butter due to your review thanks.

  • Shea Butter is awesome!! I like how hydrating it can be!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Me too it’s such an amazing butter.

  • Denise

    That’s fantastic! We read shea butter on labels, but I didn’t know the difference between refined and unrefined! Also, that it can be a Fair Trade business, and now I like it even more! You always share so good facts, I love it!

  • rachna sharma

    i have recently ordered shea butter for my little one from amazon as she has severe dry skin…i might try that on hair as per ur reco too now!

    • It’s such a great butter to melt down and make into hair masks and body butters.

  • love shea butter and this is such an interesting post, as it is so commonly said that so many products in the market contain shea butter and it´s completely fake.
    Definitely unrefined shea butter is a great ally in natural cosmetics!
    xx, Natali

    100% natural & homemade cosmetics => sano sanisimo

    • I agree I think all of the products in drugstores that claim shea butter is all fake. Especially the body shop body butters

  • Wow, I had no idea bout this, Simera so thank you for this info. Will be sharing this post to spread more awareness.

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    I love shea butter. It is the IT body cream in my country. Very good benefits!! 🙂

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    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

    • I think you would really like this butter.

  • Great post. My family use raw/all natural shea butter for many, many years, it’s a classic staple in our house. Great for skin, hair, etc. My father used to gets a lot form Ghana. 🙂 xx
    Fashionably Plated

    • I have tried shea butter from different regions and I do prefer shea butter from Ghana.

  • Nice post Simera! Shea butter is well known for the benefits it provides. 🙂

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  • Simera what is the cost? and how long does it last for you? I am interested in fair trade items and I think this would be awesome for my hair and dry skin xox

    • The cost depends on how much you buy and where you buy it from really. I pay about $8for 1kg which is a very huge tub but the place I buy it from is New Directions Aromatics which is in Canada but you have to spend a minimum of $100 sine it’s a wholesale store. So I usually stock up on my coco butter and she butter one time.

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    Dominique of Only The Brave Blog

    • I totally agree! It’s so versatile. I couldn’t live without it.

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  • I’m a fan too, I gave up on my regular body creams. 🙂

  • I have never tried this…I don’t think its available here but I am gonna see if i can orde rit from somewhere…. 🙂

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  • Natasha Bhatt

    That was interesting piece of information to know.. m nt sure where one cud find it here in India..

  • I really want to get my hands on this stuff, I’ve heard the most amazing things about it but sadly, haven’t found it anywhere in my country.
    Great post!
    XoXo from South Africa

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  • I love cosmetics with shea butter, but I never used pure shea butter.

    • It’s great for the skin. I don’t particularly trust cosmetics that have shea butter in it is authentic shea butter.

  • I did not have any idea about healing properties of unrefined shea butter.. I wish these things were available in India easily 🙁 Can you suggest me any online outlet that sells unrefined shea butter?

    • Sure I only buy it online I buy it from

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