How To Prevent Eyeshadows From Creasing

We’ve all had eyeshadows that have creased on us at one time or another. Eyeshadows make your eyes pop so when your eyeshadows end up creasing it’s a huge disappointment and can be embarrassing actually. The reason why eyeshadows end up creasing is because of excess oil production on the eyelid.  Luckily there are preventive steps you can take to avoid this ever happening to again.

Before you apply any type of eyeshadow you should always always apply an eye primer. Much like a face primer an eye primer acts as a barrier between your eyeshadow and your skin. When you apply an eyeshadow on a primer it’s actually being applied on top of the primer and not your skin. This helps prevent makeup from enhancing wrinkles or clogging your pores. Another benefit of using an eye primer is it makes eyeshadow application a lot more smoother and a lot more vibrant. You could actually use cheap eyeshadow and it will look a lot more pigmented when used with a good eye primer. Plain and simple an eye primer should be a staple when applying eyeshadows. If you don’t want to invest in a primer you could use a thin layer of foundation or concealer and top it off with a translucent powder.

Some Of The Primers I Use


Opt For Powder Eyeshadows
Cream based eyeshadows are gorgeous aren’t they? But let’s face it if want to avoid creasing and if you  have oily skin it’s best to avoid applying any cream based eyeshadows to your eye. Always opt for powder shadows and build up layer by layer with a flat shader brush.

Translucent Powder
Applying a light layer of translucent powder on your eyes after applying a primer provides extra prevention from creasing as it creates a dry base. You can use any powder of your choice.

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