10 Different Ways To Use Bobby Pins



15 Different Ways To Use Bobby Pins

Bobby pins seem to surround us everywhere. Whether they are hidden in couch cushions or in your hair there are so many different creative ways to use these small pins that doesn’t include your hair

Nail Art
Bobby Pins are a great tool to in regards to nail art. If you don’t have a nail art tool set you can use the end of a bobby pin as a dotting tool to create manicures.

Letter Opener
You can easily use a bobby pin as a letter opener. Lie the letter flat on a table and with the right angle and good amount of pressure there’s really no need to invest in a letter opener.

Money Clip
Have a stack of bills but don’t have a money click. Secure bills with a simple bobby pin.

Quick Zipper Fix
If you happen to break your zipper on the go, grab a bobby pin and attach it to the broken part of your zipper for a temporary fix.

Sometimes you need to reset electronics and usually you need a small pointy object, a bobby pin works brilliantly for that purpose.

I love reading in fact I read about 3-4 novels a week so if I’m not on my kindle and I’m reading a paperback and I don’t have a bookmark I use a bobby pin to hold my spot in place.

Chip Clip
Bobby pins are great chip bag clips, forget spending extra money buying special chip bag clips when all you need is a bobby pin you probably have hidden between your couch.

Clogged Drains
If you have a small clog in your sink bobby pins can be a life saver since they can bend so easily.  Just make sure to throw out the bobby pin in the garbage.

DIY Hair Clips
If you love doing creative DIY projects then you can simply add ribbons, hearts, stars, beads etc to bobby pins an create your custom made hair clips.

Prevent Toothpaste Wastage
Want to squeeze out all of your toothpaste from the tube? Slide a bobby pin on the edge of the toothpaste bottle, squeeze tight, and pull the pin toward the mouth. It helps push leftover toothpaste to the opening.


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