Nivea A Kiss Of Milk & Honey Lip Balm – Review





“Nivea Milk & Honey, with valuable milk extracts and caring honey extracts pampers your lips with long lasting and rich care to leave them supple, soft and smooth.”


Today I will be reviewing the Nivea Lip Balm in Milk & Honey. Nivea is definitely one of my favorite drugstore brands for their skin care and of course their lip balms. I truly have never tried a Nivea product that has disappointed me. I spotted these lip balms in my local dollar store so I bought one mainly for my husband but as usual I took over the lip balm. lol. I love this lip balm so much i have already repurchased twice.

I really love the packaging for this product, it comes in Nivea’s standard lip balm packaging except the cap itself is yellow and has a picture of a bee which I think is very cute. The lip balm itself is yellow, so it’s very simple and sturdy.
I love how light this lip balm feels on my lips, it glides on very smoothly and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. It also lasts a very long time on my lips if I don’t eat or drink anything. I almost always wear lipstick so before I apply any lipsticks or lip liners I always apply a lip balm before because my lips are naturally very dry. So this lip balm has really helped prevent my lips from drying out a lot.


I was looking forward for this to smell like honey like name suggests, but it only smells like honey a tiny bit, it almost smells like a mixture of vanilla and honey. The scent itself is very light and goes away after you apply it to your lips.


 Nivea A Kiss Of Milk & Honey Lip Balm - Review & Pictures
 Nivea A Kiss Of Milk & Honey Lip Balm
Nivea A Kiss Of Milk & Honey Lip Balm


I am very happy with this lip balm and was super excited that I found it for under two dollars. It does what it claims and I would repurchase this product again but a different flavor this time since I love trying new scents and flavors. In my experience with using Nivea you can’t really go wrong with their products. If you suffer from dry chapped lips I would definitely recommend giving Nivea’s lip balms a try.
$2 / 4.8g
Dollarama, Most Drugstores, Walmart, Target

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