5 Ways To Look Younger With Makeup


We all want to look our best especially  if you have mature skin. We aim to look the youngest version of ourselves with the countless products on the market. There are many ways to slow down the aging process like maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, drinking gallons upon gallons of water. If your like me and the crow’s feet have finally set in, there is really nothing that can make those lines completely go away sorry to break it to you. That is unless you want to go under the knife which can be pretty expensive. The next best option is to fake it with makeup.



5 Ways To Look Younger

Lips ten to become thinner as we age so applying a light neutral gloss gives the appearance of a fuller pout. Avoid dark shades as those shades only make lips look smaller.


5 Ways To Look Younger

A hint of color to your cheeks can make all the difference. It brings a healthy glow to the skin within seconds. Using a cream blush for mature skin is ideal since it provides a dewy look rather then a powder blush.

False Lashes

5 Ways To Look Younger

False lashes are ideal as we age since we lose eyelash hairs as time goes on. Not only will lashes make small eyes look bigger but it’s excellent in providing an illusion of lift and fuller lashes. Adding lashes just on the outer corner of the eyes can make a huge difference.

Minimize Crow’s Feet With Concealer

5 Ways To Look Younger

Use a concealer that is the same shade as your skin tone to minimize crows feet around the eyes. If you use a concealer that’s lighter then your skin tone it will end up highlighting your crow’s feet even more and can look very ashy.


5 Ways To Look Younger

Applying a medium coverage silicone based liquid foundation provides good coverage and can conceal discoloration and veins that can occur with aging skin. Stay away from matte finishes as they can make skin look flat. Instead opt for foundations that provide a dewy finish.

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