Mascara Application Tips

Mascara is one of those make up products that will completely change your look. It will open up your eyes and make you look a lot more awake. Mascara is especially important for people like me who have small hooded eyes.
Choose Your Mascara
There are many different types of mascaras out in the market. From lengthening to curling/thickening. Depending on the occasion choose the right formula for you. If it’s for daytime you should go for a lengthening mascara, or if you want something extra dramatic for a night out pick a mascara formula that is for thickening.
I personally don’t like to always go by the rules so I usually just go for the more dramatic formula anytime of the day.

Curl your lashes first. Put the eyelash curler on the base of your eyelashes and clamp down carefully and hold for 10 seconds then release.
Take your mascara wand and start applying the mascara on the roots swiping up towards the tips of your lashes. You can also wiggle the mascara wand in a zig-zag motion to get more volume. You can keep going over your lashes with the wand without any more product on to achieve a separated even coated look.
Side Tips
It’s not a good idea to pump your wand in and out of the mascara tube because it will transfer bacteria and dry out the mascara.
If you do get smears of mascara wait until it is completely dry then wipe it off and it should easily flake off. If you wipe it off right away it will smear a lot more and make a huge disaster.


Here are some of my favorite mascaras





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